You Are The YOUniverse

#truth ✨. When you look at people, see them for the souls they are and send them your love 💛✨☺️. Have an amazing day everyone, you all deserve it 😘💫😌💖.
"Put flowers on the table, open a window, and let the sun in. Smile to a small child, listen to the presence of nature, and be still."
Cherlyne Charles (via observando)

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"Whatever happens around you, don’t take it personally…Nothing other people do is because of you. It is because of themselves."
Don Miguel Ruiz (via singyoursoulsong)

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"If somebody treats you with unkindness, it’s likely they have endured similar treatment in the past from others, and are only repeating unconscious patterns in search of a love they cannot find. They will continue to repeat until they wake up from their nightmare of projection, and truly see who you are, who they are, who we all are.
An excuse? No.
A way to begin to find compassion for them, to stop taking their behaviour so personally and so seriously, to begin to break the cycle of violence? Perhaps. And that ‘perhaps’ is everything when it comes to loving each other."
Jeff Foster (via unconditionedconsciousness)

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"An outside enemy exists only if there is anger inside."
Buddha (via thecalminside)

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"When you begin to see that your enemy is suffering, that is the beginning of insight."
Thich Nhat Hanh (via thecalminside)

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"All shadows whisper of the sun."
Emanuel Carnevali (via scoopsofstarlight)

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"It is important to expect nothing, to take every experience, including the negative ones, as merely steps on the path, and to proceed."
Ram Dass (via thecalminside)

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"The result of your not listening to your experience is that you keep re-living it, over and over again."
Neale Donald Walsch (via velvetbluejay)

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